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Formatting a book can be a huge pain, especially if you're not familiar with text layout or fancy software like InDesign. It took me years as a professional book designer before I figured out things like which fonts to use, how wide to set your margins, and what to put on your copyright page or backmatter. Learning how to make ebooks was even worse: just bunch of code, and if one thing was out of place, the whole book would "break" and look terrible.

My goal with this site is to help indie authors learn how to format their own books for print and ebook, with no previous design experience or technical ability... and still have them look like they were done by a professional. To that end, I've built a high-quality package of premade templates you can use to easily format your own books.

I've also made detailed tutorial videos, like this 10-step series on book formatting in Microsoft Word, to help you quickly master the art of book design. These free resources will save you time and money, while also giving you more control over your publishing!

We'll go through everything you need to do to format a book from scratch for print-ready PDFs you can use with print on demand publishing services like Createspace or Lightning Source. If done right, this same file will easily convert to ebook formats as well (I even have a special tool for that: it's "one-click" easy.)

If you need a guide to formatting with Adobe InDesign, click here.

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Professional book formatting is important to establish credibility - if a reader scans your book and notices problems with the text or layout, they're going to assume the book is unprofessional and probably not worth reading. Don't give them a reason to pass on your book before they've even started reading it! Also, formatting is more than just how the book looks. Choosing what to put in the front or back matter can have a huge difference in how readers consume and respond to your work.

I'll be honest with you, book formatting can be frustrating - even if you know what you're doing. That's why I've built a package of free templates you can use to get started quickly and easily. My perfectly designed, easy to customize book formatting templates will keep your readers happy. You'll also get an epic list of best fonts, my step-by-step video tutorials, and my guide to publishing a bestseller without spending any money for free. I believe every story deserves to be told, and I understand not all authors can afford to pay for help.

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video course to help you format like a pro without wasting valuable time.

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