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How to design and format mini-booklets to use for book promotion at author events

A few months ago I went to a book conference in London and wrote this post:

How to make business cards, bookmarks and other kickass author swag for your writing conference.

The thing people were most excited about were the minibooklets I’d made and shared on Facebook. If you’ve gone to any book events lately, you’ll know that big publishers are starting to produce these short “teasers” as well, because they work. It’s much more likely that readers will actually start reading the book if they have it right there in front of them (as opposed to a postcard or bookmark, where they have to type in the URL…)


Here’s a video of me talking about the booklets…

You can get these made on Createspace but the smallest available size 5″x8″ and the lowest possible price (I believe) is $2.15. I wanted to get mine down to under $1 each – and I wanted to include over 10,000 words, or about 40 pages.

The font is actually too small in mine, so if you can do it with a font size larger and less text, it would be better. I printed mine at A6 size, which most printers should be able to handle, and just used the front and back of my cover (without the spine) and resized it to fit.

I’ll make a quick video on formatting here, and down below you can download all the Word files I used in case you want to use them as a basis for your own.

Here’s a quick guide to formatting minibooklets…


You can download all the files and templates I used for my own books here:

Click here to get a zip file with the templates


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