How to format a book (with FREE templates and videos)

After being a book designer for several years, and having hundreds of clients ask me if I could do their formatting, I decided to learn how to do print layout for POD books. Basically, I needed to use MS Word or InDesign to layout a book for print with headers, chapter headings, title info, TOC and more.

But there were tricky issues: like not having headers or page numbers on chapter pages, or having blank pages and starting on the left or right. And if you screwed something up, the whole book could be off. But I kept at it. I was tired of leaving clients to do their own formatting without help: the manuscripts they made were unprofessional and full of errors.

When I stopped doing book design to write my own fiction, I wanted to put up a package of interior book formatting templates on this site (and I’ve done so). Plus there are lots of videos and guides – all free – so you can format your book on your own, save money, and have MUCH better looking books.

Check around for the free stuff, or if you want even more options, download the master package.

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Derek Murphy

I'm a location independent book designer (and book marketing genius) working on my PhD in Literature and shopping for a castle to use as a writer's paradise. I write non-fiction and YA.

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