Book Formatting with Vellum


How to use MacInCloud to format your book in Vellum (even if you’re on a PC)


I’ve been using and teaching book formatting for years, but it’s always been a messy, complex, anxiety-inducing process… even when you know what you’re doing (and I remember spending days pulling out my hair trying to learn how to do book and ebook formatting from scratch.) So I’ve been Vellum-curious for years. I knew it produced great looking books; that everybody loved it; that it was easy to use. But I could never try it out, because I’m a PC user and it’s only for Mac. So today I finally went down the rabbit hole of “renting” space on a Mac device online, so I could run the software and format a book. Overall, I’m pretty excited about it. The first video (above) is just short and quick, showing you how to sign up and get started.

The second video (below) is a rough beginner’s guide to get started with Vellum (but not a professional tutorial on how to use it – there are better guides for that). My video is just a review of whether you should use it. And my answer is, probably, yeah.

Get Vellum Here.


Is Vellum Book formatting Software Worth It?

Probably, but if you prefer hard work and MS Word, grab my free templates instead.

This is not a professional tutorial on how to get started using Vellum to format your book. This is just me (a PC user) stumbling around with MacInCloud so I can peak behind the curtain and see what the big deal is, without paying big money for it. Vellum is an expensive book formatting software that everybody loves. After spending an hour with it, I can see why – but there are also some limitations you need to know about.