Free Books to Turbo Charge your Publishing


Book cover design and book formatting are just some of the things I do. I also manage about a dozen publishing related businesses and publish books of my own. In fact, having spent over 10 years working intimately with all facets of the publishing process, I’ve become an expert on print on demand and ebooks, building an author platform, hacking Kindle and Amazon, social media manipulation and book marketing.

I write articles about that stuff on my main blog,, where I also give away a ton of free content. But in case you never visit me over there, here are some free books for you!

Book Marketing is Dead


I recently redid Book Marketing is Dead (2016) and added it to KDP Select, so I had to stop giving it away for free. It’s been a bestseller for the past 2 years though, so you might want to check it out on Amazon.


How to write, format, publish and promote your book


This is a basic crash course on self-publishing…I cover a lot of ground, and it’s free – but you should also check out this Guide to Surviving the Self-Publishing Gauntlet.

Download the book: PDF VERSION | KINDLE


Book cover design secrets that sell more books


This is a collection of the presentations I’ve given on book design at various writing conferences – however you should also check out the free video series I’ve added to

Download the book: Kindle | Epub


100 Publishing Questions Answered


I asked my audience for their biggest frustrations and problems, then answered all their questions. This is kind of an encyclopedia of publishing. Hope it helps!

Download the book: Kindle | Epub

My brand and platform is devoted to helping you become creatively independent – that is, getting paid to be creative, by making things of value that help and/or entertain others. So while I talk a lot about publishing and selling books, I also focus on starting and running a successful business, creativity and productivity boosters, and tricks to gain more visibility, traffic and followers.

These books are all a little dated, but people still seem to like them – if they’re helpful, please track them down on Amazon and leave a review!