Should I use Scrivener to format my book?

A lot of people love Scrivener – but then get confused when you talk about formatting a book with Scrivener.

It’s nice for organizing a book, especially in the developmental stages, but not ideal for formatting.

Sure, you can export as an ebook easily, which is pretty sweet and easy, as long as you don’t need to make changes. But you can’t do advanced stuff like embed fonts.

And it just doesn’t work for print formatting – for which you should probably embed some fonts, and control the margins, spacing, headings, etc… none of which you can do easily in Scrivener, so you’ll need to export it into Word or InDesign to format your book for print.

Which makes Scrivener less than an ideal solution. For writing books and getting started, if you get used to it, it’s great. But for designing your books for print and ebook, it’s rudimentary at best, and probably not good enough to actually get the job done.

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